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What is a Home Watch?

Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues and advocating for you and your best interests. We inspect all components of your home, inside and out! Looking for obvious issues before they arise.

We have a 30+ point digital Inspection Report dated with photographs at each visit. 
•    Inspecting your home plumbing, refrigerators, garbage disposals, pool, irrigation, HVAC and electrical and much more.
•    Meeting contractors
•    Receive deliveries
•    Starting your car
•    Responding to emergencies on your behalf
•    Ensuring your landscape maintenance or pool treatments have been performed
•    Examining property for broken windows, attempted forced entry or vandalism
•    Looking for pests inside and out
•    Watering plants
•    Replacing air filters/smoke detector batteries
•    Removing unwanted weeds

If something needs immediate attention and we cannot resolve it ourselves, we call you immediately.  Services customized to your needs, saving you valuable time and money for not having to come back and handle it yourself.

Are You A New Home Buyer?

Not moving in right away?  We offer customized services to coordinate with your movers, painters, cleaners, etc. So that you feel confident that in your absence someone is looking out for your best interest while you are not available to coordinate these things.

Basic 25-Point Inspection Plan


  • Check the front of property for papers, flyers and any items left at the front door

  • Blow off front entrance and rear porch to give the appearance of someone living there 

  • Bring in mail (if needed) 

  • Visual inspection of landscaping to ensure plants are healthy and being maintained 

  • Examine property for signs of trespassers, intruders or vandalism 

  • Visual inspection of exterior of home, checking windows, doors and side of home for any possible issues 

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation report findings to homeowner 

  • Check outside faucets for leaks or troubles in irrigation 

  • Visual inspection of pool/spa that it is being maintained by Pool Service 

  • Ensure A/C equipment is working 

  • Check circuit breakers for any tripped breakers


  • Run water in all sink, bathtubs, showers, close drains and brush toilets to keep sludge from building up 

  • Check A/C and/or heater is set to proper temperatures for the season and functioning properly 

  • Ensure refrigerator/freezer is functioning properly 

  • Ensure ice machine is turned off and emptied of ice 

  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain 

  • Check ceiling, walls and floors for visible signs of leaks/plumbing issues 

  • Check interior of home for pests 

  • Check soft water for salt (if applicable) 

  • Confirm security system is working properly (if applicable) 

Jean Slayback working on electrical panel
Jean Slayback checking home
Jean Slayback Making notes

Serenity Home Watch is a member of the National Home Watch Association:
•    Accredited
•    Background Checked
•    Licensed with the Town of Marana
•    Bonded and insured 
•    Experienced 
We treat every home as if it were our own!

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