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What is a Home Watch?

Home Watch is a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues and advocating for you and your best interests. We inspect all components of your home, inside and out! Looking for obvious issues before they arise. If something needs immediate attention and we cannot resolve it ourselves, we call you immediately.

We have a 30+ point digital Inspection Report dated with photographs at each visit:

Inspection Includes:

  • Checking for signs of leaking and water damage

  • Ensuring that your refrigerator(s) are functioning properly

  • Ensuring that your garbage disposal is working properly

  • Inspecting home electrical panels

  • Removal of newspapers, fliers and debris from the front walkway and/or patio

  • Ensuring there are no erosion or drainage issues present

  • Ensuring that landscape maintenance has been performed while inspecting the property for any possible issues

  • Checking that the pool and/or hot tub has no visible issues

  • Examining property for broken windows, attempted forced entry and/or vandalism

  • Inspect home for any signs of pests and/or insect infestation

Jean Slayback working on electrical panel
Jean Slayback checking home
Jean Slayback Making notes

Additional Services Available:

  • Meeting Contractors

  • Receiving Deliveries

  • Starting up car(s) and/or golf cart(s)

  • Responding to emergencies that may arise on your behalf

  • Watering indoor and outdoor plants as necessary

Services customized to your needs, saving you valuable time and money for not having to come back and handle it yourself.

Purchased Property Services

Have you just purchased a home but you're not quite ready to move in? Let us help you by checking in on your property until you move in. We can coordinate with painters, cleaners, movers and anyone else you need up to work with until you have moved in. You can count on Serenity Home Watch to give your peace of mind about your new home! Contact Us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Serenity Home Watch is a member of the National Home Watch Association:
•    Accredited
•    Background Checked
•    Licensed with the Town of Marana
•    Bonded and insured 
•    Experienced 
We treat every home as if it were our own!

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