Serenity's Mission Statement

Our mission is to give you peace of mind when you are away from home for a season or a reason.  Together, Jean and Donna check your home and yard customized to your specific needs.  We do a thorough house check to see if any plumbing, maintenance, security or weather problems have occurred.  If there's a problem, we take care of it, if it can be handled by us. For any unusual issues we call you immediately while we are still on the property and work toward a resolution to the issue.  Our goal is to have you feel secure in our service and maintain the safety of your property while you are away.  After each house visit we send you a text with photos as well as an Inspection Report with additional photos on the same day or by the end of each week. 


Along with the Basic 25-Point Inspection Plan we offer customized opening and closing services.  These services are priced out separately, ask us for a quote.

Basic 25-Point Inspection Plan


  • Check the front of property for papers, flyers and any items left at the front door

  • Blow off front entrance and rear porch to give the appearance of someone living there 

  • Bring in mail (if needed) 

  • Visual inspection of landscaping to ensure plants are healthy and being maintained 

  • Examine property for signs of trespassers, intruders or vandalism 

  • Visual inspection of exterior of home, checking windows, doors and side of home for any possible issues 

  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation report findings to homeowner 

  • Check outside faucets for leaks or troubles in irrigation 

  • Visual inspection of pool/spa that it is being maintained by Pool Service 

  • Ensure A/C equipment is working 

  • Check circuit breakers for any tripped breakers


  • Run water in all sink, bathtubs, showers, close drains and brush toilets to keep sludge from building up 

  • Check A/C and/or heater is set to proper temperatures for the season and functioning properly 

  • Ensure refrigerator/freezer is functioning properly 

  • Ensure ice machine is turned off and emptied of ice 

  • Run garbage disposal to lubricate and maintain 

  • Check ceiling, walls and floors for visible signs of leaks/plumbing issues 

  • Check interior of home for pests 

  • Check soft water for salt (if applicable) 

  • Confirm security system is working properly (if applicable) 

Jean Slayback working on electrical panel
Jean Slayback checking home
Jean Slayback Making notes