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Reviews From Our Clients

“Thanks Donna and Jean. The Service you are providing REALLY puts us at ease. We are very grateful for you.  Sending a heart felt thank you.”

- Bette’s

Serenity Home Watch is very Professional.  It's so nice to find a reliable, reasonably-priced home inspection service for when we are traveling.  My plants were cared for (and I get photos of the blooms). We know the water is shut off inside the house so that if anything leaks we don't come home to a mess. Best of all, we don't need to bother our neighbors with requests for these favors. Donna and Jean do a great job watching over our place when we are gone.

- Dave & Kathy W.

“Thank you! It’s such a relief to know that things are under control while, I’m away!”

- Paulus’s 

Donna and Jean have done a terrific job! Thanks so much for your timely responses and knowledge while watching our home for the past 2 months in Del Webb. Rest assured, all tasks and responsibilities were explained in the contract and carried out at a fair and reasonable fee.  We needed a few extra things done, like accepting our car transport and doing an overnight mail; Jean and Donna responded immediately and carried out each task perfectly.  We arrived home and all is well; you cannot put a price on peace of mind. Serenity Home Watch is highly recommended. Thank you!!

- Neil D.

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